New Pokemon Sword & Shield Freebies Available Now

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company surprise-dropped a few things following this week’s big Pokemon Direct broadcast, but those aren’t the only freebies that are up for grabs right now. Pokemon Sword and Shield players can also claim a few more rare items via Mystery Gift for a limited time.

First, Nintendo shared a download code for another bundle of rare Poke Balls on the Switch News channel. You can get 10 Premier Balls by entering the code AREAS1LVESTRE in Mystery Gift. Premier Balls have the same catch rate as standard Poke Balls, but they look much fancier.

On top of that, Nintendo has shared a second new download code, this one to commemorate Pokemon Sword and Shield’s next online competition. If you enter the code GALAR in Mystery Gift, you’ll receive a Bottle Cap. Bottle Caps are used to Hyper Train your Pokemon at the Battle Tower in Wyndon, maxing out one of their base stats.

Both download codes are available through the end of February, so you have until then to redeem them and get the free gifts. However, time is running out to claim a few other freebies, including Gigantamax Meowth, which will only be available until January 15. You can see all the free Pokemon Sword and Shield gifts available right now in our roundup.

In addition to the freebies, Nintendo recently rolled out a new update for Pokemon Sword and Shield that lets players experience a very small taste of the games’ upcoming expansion pass content. Once you’ve downloaded the update, you can head to Wedgehurst Station and encounter a new character from the Isle of Armor expansion. There, you’ll also have a chance to catch a new Pokemon: Galarian Slowpoke.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Freebies

Code Gift Expiration date
AREAS1LVESTRE 10 Premier Balls February 27
GALAR 1 Bottle Cap February 28

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