Monster Hunter Rise: Everything We Know

Monster Hunter World may have skipped out on the Switch, but Nintendo’s hybrid console is receiving its own new Monster Hunter game next year: Monster Hunter Rise. Developed on Capcom’s RE Engine, Rise is a sprawling new entry in the action-RPG series, featuring seamless environments and a handful of brand-new mechanics that give the game a more fluid, action-packed feel than previous installments.

We’re still a few months out from Monster Hunter Rise’s release, but Capcom has already revealed various details about the game. We’ve rounded up everything we know about Switch’s new Monster Hunter title below. For more on next year’s biggest releases, be sure to check out our most anticipated games of 2021, as well as our lists of the biggest Switch games to play in 2021 and beyond and 50 games you should have on your radar next year.

Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise launches on March 26, 2021.


Monster Hunter Rise has only been announced for Nintendo Switch. Though rumors have been circulating that the game will also be released on PC later in the year, Capcom has not announced any plans to bring it to other platforms as of yet.


Capcom has given us a few glimpses at Monster Hunter Rise since it was officially announced in September’s Nintendo Direct Mini presentation. During TGS 2020, the publisher shared an expanded version of the game’s reveal trailer, which showcased more of Rise’s expansive environments and its major new gameplay mechanics, particularly wall-running, the lasso-like Wirebug, and the new Palamute companion. The video also introduced a couple of new monsters debuting in the game, including Magnamalo, Rise’s flagship monster.

The publisher shared another trailer during the 2020 Game Awards. This one focuses more on the game’s story. As it explains, Kamura Village is being threatened by a monster stampede known as the Rampage, and players will need to protect the village and discover the reason this event keeps occurring. The trailer ends by revealing that a Monster Hunter Rise demo is hitting the Switch eShop in January.

Capcom has also shared an assortment of videos highlighting each of the game’s 14 different weapon types, from the Great Sword to the more eclectic Insect Glaive. You can watch these videos on the official Monster Hunter YouTube channel.

New Features

Monster Hunter Rise introduces a couple of new gameplay elements to the series, chief among them the Wirebug. This lasso-like insect functions as a sort of grappling hook, allowing players to propel themselves around the environment and even latch onto monsters. Capcom confirms that players will have two Wirebugs at their disposal, and they can be used in conjunction with the game’s various weapons to unleash acrobatic attacks.

Rise’s other big addition is the Palamute, a new type of canine companion. Much like the Palico, the Palamute can join players on hunts and offer backup when battling monsters. Whereas the Palico is more of a support companion, however, the Palamute specializes more in offense, and players can even ride it to traverse environments more quickly.

Multiplayer Details

Like previous Monster Hunter games, Rise supports up to four players locally or online. As is the case with most other Switch games, you’ll need to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to take advantage of online play. Individual memberships cost $4 for one month, $8 for three months, and $20 for one year, while an annual Family Plan runs for $35 and covers up to eight Nintendo Accounts.

Although Capcom has shared few details about Rise’s multiplayer content, the basics remain the same as in previous Monster Hunter games. You’ll be able to party with up to three other players and embark on quests together. These missions entail hunting or trapping fearsome monsters and gathering resources, which you can then use to fashion new weapons and armor for your hunter.

DLC/Microtransaction Details

Capcom has not yet announced any DLC for Monster Hunter Rise, although some sort of post-launch content is expected to arrive for the game. Previous Monster Hunter titles have received free crossover gear and quests based on other video game series (the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild armor in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate being one such example), and that tradition will likely continue with Rise. Capcom, however, is not ready to discuss any crossover plans yet:

“[Collaborations have] obviously become a staple of the series, so we’re looking into what we can do with this game, but we haven’t really decided on anything yet, and the team is still very much hard at work on getting the actual main game finished, so that’s our priority right now,” producer Ryozo Tsujimoto told GameSpot.

Beyond potential collaborations, there’s also the possibility of some paid DLC. Monster Hunter World set a precedent for this when it received its big Iceborne expansion, which introduced an entirely new world to explore and many new and returning monsters to hunt. It remains to be seen if Rise will likewise receive a paid DLC expansion, but given Iceborne’s success, it’s certainly possible.


Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo
Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo

Monster Hunter Rise is launching alongside three new Amiibo figures of the Palamute, Palico, and Magnamalo. Each one unlocks a special set of layered armor in the game. However, the standalone figures will be sold exclusively at GameStop (in the US) and EB Games (in Canada), and no pricing details have been announced yet.


Monster Hunter Rise is already up for preorder. The game will be available in three editions. The standard release costs $60, while the Deluxe edition runs for $70 and includes a variety of extra in-game bonus items. Finally, Capcom is offering a premium Collector’s edition. This costs $100 and comes with all of the content from the Deluxe edition as well as some physical goodies, including the Magnamalo Amiibo and a sticker set.

Regardless of which edition you preorder, you’ll receive a few in-game bonus items for reserving Monster Hunter Rise ahead of its release. These include the Retriever Costume and Forest Cat Costume for your Palamute and Palico companions, as well as the Novice Talisman, which will give players a little bit of extra assistance during the early hours of the game.

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