Gord Is A New Dark Fantasy Survival RPG With City-Sim Gameplay

Coming from new developer Covenant, Gord is a dark fantasy RPG that centers around a growing village and the many threats they face while trying to survive. First teased on April 8 via the game’s official Twitter page, we now have the first gameplay elements and plot for the upcoming survival-sim and city-builder, which is coming from Stan Just, a former developer from CD Projekt Red and 11-Bit Studios.

The main story of Gord follows The Tribe of the Dawn’s struggles and growth while surviving a fantasy world inspired by Slovic folklore. Throughout the game, you will decide how you want your village to evolve, how best to defend your community from threats, and how to use your limited resources to keep your town prosperous for the future.

In addition to city-builder gameplay, allowing you to customize and outfit your village as you see fit, the game also includes survival RPG mechanics, where you take a member of your community out into the wild to forage for supplies and food. While exploring, they may encounter monsters, some minor and others rare and mysterious, to hunt–allowing them to collect more materials to bring back to the village.

However, given the grim circumstances the town faces, there’s the risk of residual trauma to the community. Even explorers who have a successful trip out into the world can cause trauma to a mental state. Along with managing your community’s health and morale, you’ll also need to ensure their psychological state is in a stable position. Issues like hunger, depression, and living with constant illnesses can slowly chip away at your community, making your village even more vulnerable.

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According to developer Covenant in a press release, Gord also features procedurally generated content in quests and randomized events to ensure that different runs won’t be similar to others. As you explore more of the world and build up your community, you will also expand your understanding of the land around the village, giving you more lore and information about the land’s history.

Gord looks to be an exciting approach to the dark fantasy RPG. Instead of focusing on the growth of one singular hero in a hostile world, Gord puts its sights on developing a larger community struggling to survive. This conceit could make for a potentially exciting game to invest in and see how long you can keep your community afloat. Gord will launch on PC sometime in 2022.

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