10 PlayStation Games We’d Like To See On PC

Ghost of Tsushima was visually breathtaking and experienced a tale that created me wholly rethink how I noticed the samurai genre. With its open up-entire world attractiveness and extraordinary multiplayer article-start include-ons, this video game feels like it was crafted with Personal computer in head. 

I have run by way of the tale of Tsushima twice now on PlayStation and adored every thing about it both occasions. The way it focuses on stealth and how reactive the overcome is, the Computer structure, to me, would truly feel extremely all-natural. This is also one of those people games, like Horizon Zero Dawn, in which modding would be a actual deal with. Not even just joke mods, but mods to tinker with the configurations, participate in close to with the figures, and also tweak some of the armor in-game to be even far more epic than what the vanilla game has to provide. 

Getting on a raid with good friends in Ghost of Tsushima on Computer would honestly be a dream Friday night time. The prospective to also have a number of cool crossovers like how the Demise Stranding Computer system edition experienced would be amazing as nicely. Replace the foxes with headcrabs? That will be a resounding horrified “of course” from me, dawg. 

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